The Netherlands is not only known for its tulips, wooden shoes and windmills. In the 20th century, Dutch companies such as Smit & Co and Wijsmuller were leaders in the towing world. In 1933 the first diesel tug, the Black Sea, was put into service. This was replaced in 1963 by the Black Sea IV. The sea tug would continue through life as the Black Sea after its predecessor was renamed the Irish Sea.

When the Black Sea was put into service on May 6, 1963, it was the strongest tug in the world with a power of 9000 HP and 73 tons of bollard pull (the pulling power that a tugboat delivers at a standstill). Until 1983 it served all over the world and included the oil rig Mr. LOUIE from New Orleans to Bremerhaven and Mr. Cap towed from Texas to the North Sea.

In 1984, the Black Sea arrived in Taiwan to be scrapped.